About the team


Niresh Kaur and Shambavi Shankar exchanged hellos during their tenure at Lexis Nexis and the rest is, well legendary. Pop-culture, jurisprudence, singing the wrong lyrics to popular tracks and playing dead on weekends are some of the many interests these two share. Oh, and whatsrightMY; another common interest which should have been the forepart of this entire section.

Founder (left) Niresh Kaur, LL.B (Hons) (London) | Co-Founder (right) Shambavi Shankar, LL.B (Hons), LLM (Malaya)

What is whatsrightMY?

Established in 2021 out of sheer passion, whatsrightMY aims to educate Malaysians as to their legal rights in the quickest, most entertaining way. We’re here to convince you that information, given in the right tone has a better outreach. 

What sets us apart?

Both the founders have been in the legal field themselves which allows them to bring you accurate and updated information on the legal sphere in Malaysia. Their experience in the legal field brings them closer to lawyers and academicians, and that’s why sometimes you’ll see posts written by experts in the field.