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Write for us

Do you love writing? If yes, we’d like you to become one of our contributors!

Our goal with whatsrightMY is to educate the public on their legal rights and not be swayed by wrong information out there. As a contributor to whatsrightMY, your articles need to be timely, relevant and informational. 


  1. You must enjoy writing to become a contributor on whatsrightMY.
  2. Your articles must be original and cannot be published elsewhere prior to being published on whatsrightMY. 
  3. Articles submitted are not to be used as promotional tools for another company (ie sponsored posts – leave that to us). You are however, encouraged to brag on social media that you have published an article on our platform. 
  4. Articles must be well researched. Do insert links and sources (hyperlink on Word Doc) for your articles.
  5. Articles must be written in the Queen’s English (eg organisation, not organization). 
  6. Please note that we do not condone plagiarism. 
  7. You are encouraged to write regularly. Readers view contributors very much like columnists who write on certain topics. Therefore, it’ll be great if you could focus on a topic throughout your contribution.  
That said, kindly refrain from writing biased content. Submissions containing the usage of foul languages, racist remarks, insults towards any party or anything alike will not be entertained. 

If you meet the above criteria, feel free to drop your Word Doc containing your article, below. You will be notified, in writing, if your article is accepted/rejected. We will provide feedback should your article be rejected. We welcome resubmissions. 

We reserve the right to edit, and paraphrase, where needed.