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Flood Relief Aid

On 17 December 2021, Malaysia was surprised by one of the longest rain we have ever experienced. This unfortunately resulted in the one of the worst floods the country has ever faced. The recent events have been nothing short of heartbreaking. Many lost their homes, livelihood and family.
However, it’s beautiful seeing people from all walks of life gathering to help, in whatever means they can.

The reason for starting this current initiative is to have a one-stop place for the flood victims to reach out should they seek legal aid. Alternatively, we will direct the victims to the right channels if we are unable to assist them.

We at whatsrightMY are determined to ensure that each and every victim are able to access legal aid without any hassle. We have about 50 lawyers who have collaborated with us to provide pro bono legal aid to those affected by the floods.

If you’re a flood victim seeking legal aid, please click here.