My, my, my, are you Sejahtera or what?


How Sejahtera are we this May? - Starting May 1, Malaysians no longer need to scan/check-in using the MySejahtera contact tracing application to enter premises.

So, is this the end of MySejahtera?

Absolutely not.

The app is no longer needed for contact tracing via check-ins but we are still advised to turn on our MySJ Trace function to enable contact tracing via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for Covid-19 infection cases.

An exception to the contact-tracing lift: If you are visiting a bar or the night club, expect a triple whammy of checking in with MySejahtera, activating the MySJ Trace function, and taking the RTK-Antigen test supervised by a doctor who is with the Malaysian Medical Council 24-hours prior to the premise visit.

Not interested in the bar/nightlife scene, so can I now ditch the app?: No, premises still require you to flash your MySejahtera app so they can verify your status to avoid allowing persons tested positive for Covid-19, high-risk individuals, or those under a home surveillance order (HSO).

MySejahtera app is still relevant for various reasons:

Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin stated that the MySejahtera application was still crucial for the purpose of recording the result of Covid-19 self-test, HSO enforcement, and helping the Ministry (KKM) to control the Covid-19 spread.

Also, the latest feature also enhances the scope of the MySejahtera app (update the app to the latest version to view this) as app users can detect the hotspot of transmittable diseases such as measles, hand, foot and mouth Disease (HFMD).

MySejahtera conspiracies rebutted!

MySejahtera app including other modules developed for the application is owned by the government and they have not sold it to any private entities at the time of writing*. (*Just messing with you conspiracists...)

Also, all your check-in data is hard deleted after 90 days and the information cannot be recovered after that.

What’s next, MySejahtera?

However, MKN over the past months have been volatile about certain changes. Our prediction is that they will remove the need to have a doctor approved test. What's your guess? Let us know in our social media page and subscribe to our next newsletter to find out if our guess turns out right.

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