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Apa khabar? Journal entry: As I’m typing this in a very tight space (no I am not kidnapped, I am just on an Air Asia flight), I pondered if I ever wasted all my time watching all those Indian serials and Spanish telenovelas growing up; I didn’t. It taught me patience to deal with the drama involving egoistic politicians this week.
The dude in front of me put his seat down la @&*$

Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea
Anti-hopping law (AHL), the cause of all that drama?
Despite the loopholes in the AHL, we are extremely glad that it played a big role in the formation of our government last week. Without the AHL in place, the losers of this election collectively would have very well formed a government and that would’ve been odd. However, unsure who Mahiaddin’s legal advisor is, but he seems to not have gotten the memo about the AHL.

The only possible numbers based on PM candidates were the following: 
PN+GPS+OTHERS = 109 seats
PN+BN+GPS+OTHERS = 139 seats
PH+BN* = 112 seats
PH+GPS+OTHERS = 118 seats
PH+PN = 155 seats

Mahiaddin aka Muhyiddin claimed he got 115 seats. So how is that possible? 
Note: We are also impressed that Mahiaddin managed to get his SDs annotated during the weekend (contact for Pesuruhjaya Sumpah please?)

Journal entry: The food on the Air Asia flight smells good, I might just order one.

A gentle reminder to SPR
Hadi breached the law, do something.
Source: Tenor
Now that we have a new government, we can finally have the budget approved
Article 55(7) of the Federal Constitution states that any pending Bill (the current Supply Bill 2023 for example) will not lapse even if the parliament is dissolved. Our new government can choose to re-table the same Bill – if, it it still fits its policies and beliefs. It is unclear so far if the new government will be presenting a new budget (we hope they do, we need allocation for mental health).

One thing to take note is that the budget needs to be approved before the New Year. According to Article 99(1) of the Federal Constitution, statement of the estimated receipts and expenditures of the Federation needs to be laid in Parliament before the commencement of that year. 

Tight deadline guys, caffeine up.
Source: Tenor
<Insert fancy hotel name here> Move can happen again
As we’ve mentioned before, the AHL does not prevent another Sheraton Move from happening as a party could leave en bloc – however, previously, Ismail Sabri’s administration signed an MOU promising political stability with the opposition led by Anwar Ibrahim.

For more info on the AHL, read this article – How Foolproof is the Anti-Hopping Law?
Who’s part of the new government formation?
Anwar’s government seems to have gotten a 2/3 majority seeing that BN and GPS have tagged along (GPS following DAP’s commendable apology). There was news last week that PAS wished to speak to Mahiaddin about joining the unity government.

We are glad Moomoo said no as it’ll be weird to have a 3/3 majority government – well, do us rakyat be in the opposition if that happens?
Source: Tenor
Note: Moo has finally moved on from his SDs and congratulated Anwar for becoming Malaysia’s 10th Prime Minister. That said, congratulations YB! Selamat berkhidmat.

Journal entry: Hey Sham, should I get our NL readers to donate to a cause to celebrate my new decade?
Sham’s comment: Let’s not be Wikipedia.

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