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Issue 30 – This is not a drill, the floods are back!



Apa khabar? Here’s a snippet of the founders’ text exchange last weekend:
Niresh: If we don’t send the newsletter this week, they won’t miss us kan? 
Sham: Nope. Let’s recharge. 

We were wrong. Apparently with great power comes great responsibility (insert diversion tactic). By the way, the ‘referral’ hoodies are ready! 


PS: Apologies for sending this email out late – some of us were busy watching what we’d call the best World Cup finals of our lives.

PPS: If you are affected by the floods in the East Coast region and need legal help, do reach out to us.  

Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

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What’s the tea in Malaysia

sipping tea
Source: Tenor

Two years and many deaths later, it’s now pronounced illegal

For the past two years (seems like 4 years based on their Google reviews), Father’s Organic Farm has been operating a campsite illegally. This was one of the more well-known campsites in Malaysia. To say that the authorities did not know about this only seems suspicious.
We have perfect rules, but horrid implementation. Actions will be taken against the operators under the Street Drainage and Building Act, but what about the authorities who let this happen? 

The Highland Tower case would be a fair example in this matter. In this case, the Federal Court decided that the local council had full immunity under Section 95(2) of the above Act.  

The local authority is protected under Section 95(2) for any claims ‘arising out of any building or other works carried out in accordance with the provisions of this Act or any by-laws made … that such building works or the plans thereof are subject to inspection and approval’ by the local authority. 

Does this mean that the authorities owe no obligation to check if there are campsites operating illegally? 

Source: Tenor

Note: Local Government Development Minister, Nga Kor Ming has instructed all 155 local councils to vacate campsites along high-risk areas effective immediately. This directive will remain until further notice. 
How to make money when you’re not taking a salary as Prime Minister? Sue PAS.

Anwar Ibrahim is suing PAS’s Razman Zakaria over his statement that the Prime Minister is linked to the LGBTQ community and has a communist agenda.

We know how this is going to end, don’t we?
A first step forward, many steps more we hope

Minister of Laws and Institutional Reforms, Azalina Othman has initiated the first step in separating the Attorney General Chambers from the public prosecutor.

This basically means the person prosecuting criminals for the State and the person appointed by the YDPA under the advice of the Prime Minister will be different. 

Source: Tenor

What difference does this make? In the past, we have seen comments made by Najib and Zahid alike that they will ‘speak to the AG’ to drop some charges. The separation can avoid these ‘small talks’. AG, though independent, is at the end of the day appointed under the Prime Minister’s advice. So yes, this makes a lot of difference in Malaysia.
The test of who has the numbers today

The first Parliament session is today where we have a new speaker, Datuk Johari Abdul (we know this because the newsletter this week is that delayed 🙂), and Anwar Ibrahim will prove that he has the numbers.

Our guess – he does…for now. 

Remember, Sheraton Move is always possible. Don’t blame us for being negative, we have PTSD.


Word of the week

Non est factum 

This is Latin for that’s not my doing.

In other words, this is a defence for the party signing to state that they signed an agreement by mistake and to escape the conditions set out in the paper.

Source: Tenor

FYI, this is a common law defence and our Contracts Act 1950 does not have an entry for this.

Not the best defence to rely on – So, folks just be careful when signing. 
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Subscript: We aspire to respond to our emails like we respond to our WhatsApp texts – 2 days later. 

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