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Apa khabar? Happy 2023, folks! What started as a fun weekly newsletter with 200+ subscribers in May has now grown to 2000+ subscribers all thanks to you.

Wishing you the best in 2023. Here’s to more happiness, and wealth (we are all capitalists, aren’t we?).

Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea

#1 Come on now, IPCMC Bill please?

In August, according to Meta, the Malaysian police are behind those accounts that run a troll farm – created to manipulate the public by using fake accounts. 

Having said that, it’s about time the Independent Police Conducts and Misconduct Committee (IPCMC) Bill goes live. The absence of such a committee only paves the way for more misconduct and refusal to be accountable. 

#2 Woah woah woah, do we have an Escobar in the house?

May this year, an ex-diplomat was caught for owning a cannabis farm in Janda Baik, Pahang. He was being investigated under Sections 39B, 6B and 6 of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. The same month, we advocated for the death penalty to be abolished. 

In June, Malaysia confirmed that it will abolish the mandatory death penalty and leave it to the discretion of the judges to apply appropriate punishments. Although technically the death penalty is not entirely abolished, this is indeed a step in the right direction.

Singapore, are you watching?

#3 Nurulhidayah with her ‘very’ wise words 

Remember that weird video where no one understood what she said? Women can’t be leaders or something? We analysed it, not true.

Article 43 of the Federal Constitution only states that the person who is appointed Prime Minister must be someone who is a Malaysian citizen by birth (not naturalization or by registration) The Constitution does not mention a specific race, religion or gender to become the PM. 

The Federal Constitution > Nurulhidayah’s opinions.

Source: Tiktok/@sinardailymy
#4 The Sulu-Petronas chronicle 

Post Lahad Datu incident in 2013, the Malaysian government ceased to pay the royalty to the Sulu family. In 2022, the French court ordered Malaysia to pay the sum owed to settle the dispute. 

This raised eyebrows as :

1. We owe a big deal of money to these people and Petronas is key to helping Malaysia rebuild the country’s economy post-pandemic, so this debt could land us in serious, serious trouble.

2. The fact that these heirs claiming the right to the Petronas assets are heirs to the Sulu sultanate has raised the question of Sabah’s sovereignty and security.
Source: Tenor
#5 Anti hopping law was passed!!!

The anti-hopping law was passed – YAY
The anti-hopping law has a loophole – NAY

Article explaining the loophole: How foolproof is the anti-hopping law

Source: Tenor
#6 Budget and Election tiba-tiba 

Not sure who the previous government’s advisor was but to announce the budget and then dissolve the Parliament before the budget could even be discussed is a (don’t insert bad word here) move.

Excuse the anger here but some of us had to come up with Budget infographics for our day jobs so we take this waste of time quite personally. That said, the new Budget by the new government is set to be announced in February 2023. Let’s wait.

Source:TenorSource: Giphy
#7 Najib is in prison or at least we think he is.

Najib and Rosmah, are both guilty. Who would’ve thought that would ever happen, eh? At least he was receiving premium treatment from the former Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin in the form of unlimited visits to the hospital.

The last we checked (long ago), 3 times in the first month he was in prison. Key takeaway – one Caramel Macchiato a day keeps the doctor at bay.
#8 Anwar as the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia

Source: Tenor
#9 Rakyat will always bantu rakyat

The year 2022 started with us managing the flood crisis throughout Malaysia which led us to witness the ‘semangat muhibah’ among Malaysians. It was truly a heartwarming sight when on one end the rakyat were all out getting together to cook and deliver food to the victims and cleaning their homes, while we had ministers playing with fireworks (literally) in their buildings. 

Just a gentle reminder to the authorities to not get too comfortable with the approvals of new buildings all around Klang Valley. You may be protected under the law Section 95(2) of the Street, Drainage and Building Act, but rakyat rules during elections. 

Source: Tenor

#10 AG Chambers separated from Public Prosecutor

Minister of Laws and Institutional Reforms, Azalina Othman has initiated the first step in separating the Attorney General Chambers from the public prosecutor. The first step in the right direction, here’s to many more. 

Source: Tenor

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