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Issue 34 – Quick get your Chinese food fix



Apa khabar? A friendly reminder that the next few days are your chance to grab your favourite Chinese food since the economy will take a downtime next week. 

That said, we’ll be taking a break too and be back the following week with our review of the best lion dance performance in KL malls. 


Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea
Source: Tenor

Are we being made the fool in April?

A sales tax will be imposed on online purchases from overseas below RM500 starting April 1st in line with the Sales Tax (Amendment) Act 2022. Sellers selling low value goods (LVG) whose yearly sale brought into Malaysia is above RM500,000 will have to register with the Customs department to assist in collecting this new tax. 

Feeling like the number lady meme? Here’s an illustration to help the LVG sellers:

LVG sellers who fit the bill, here’s what you’ll need to do:Declare the tax amount every 3 months through the MyLVG system using the LVG-02 form
Pay the tax amount by the last day of the third month 
Note: If you overpay, you can request a refund using the LVG-03 form.
You may apply to cancel your registration if you no longer sell low value goods or if your total sales value does not exceed RM500,000 anymore. 
Does this mean sellers will be pushing the cost to us? Most probably.

Source: Tenor

Nevertheless, more clarification is needed on this new tax. Stay tuned as we continue to update you on this. 
Employers, listen up

It’s been 15 days since the amendments to the Employment Act 1955 took effect; here’s a reminder of the things to look out for:

Also, here’s a new update on the same topic: the new minimum wage rule (which will be RM1,500) is being put aside (till July 1) for companies with less than 5 workers; so these companies have enough time to figure out their finances.

Source: Tenor
The mandatory death penalty is to be amended this February

Currently, there are more than 1300 convicts on death row – just confused about what fate befalls them since a moratorium against the death penalty has been placed on June 10, 2022.

In short, these prisoners have been left in the dark about what will happen to them. “It is an inhumane way of treating convicts on death row,” Karen Cheah, the Malaysian Bar President said at the 2023 legal year said at Putrajaya International Convention Centre as reported by FMT. 

We cannot agree more with Karen’s sentiment. However, a recent update from the Government assured us that the laws that carry mandatory death sentences will be revisited in the coming parliamentary session in February.
These changes will impact the lives of prisoners currently on death row and based on Azalina’s remark (law and institutional reform minister); these prisoners will be given alternative sentences.

Source: Tenor

Remember when Singapore placed the moratorium on all executions (including Nagaenthran’s). If you don’t, read our article on Nagaenthran’s death sentencing in Singapore.

More to debate, soon.
Kepo from overseas: Samosas in Somalia 

It’s easy to feel defeated just by looking at your already pending task for the week. Before you lament that life is unfair, just take a moment to think about the samosas (a pastry filled with spiced potatoes and peas) being banned in Somalia just for being triangular.

Source: Tenor

Since 2011, samosas have been banned by an extremist group in Somalia simply because the three-cornered pastry kind of looks like the Holy Trinity.

Now we are wondering –  why don’t they just make square samosas? and what about the fate of pizzas? 
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Subscript: We aspire to respond to our emails like we respond to our WhatsApp texts – 2 days later. 

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