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Issue 35 – Rest in peace, Gopal Sri Ram



Apa khabar? We said we might bring you reviews on the best lion dance in KL malls. But guess where we spent our long weekend? On the couch, on the table, On the bar, or on the floor…But unlike Usher, we were catching up on all the crazies in all the abovementioned locations.

What did you think we were doing? Jeez.

Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea
Source: Tenor

Where does the law categorise service dogs?

According to Section 8C of the Licensing of Dogs and Kennel Establishment (Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur) By-laws 1991 licensed owners must keep their dogs under proper surveillance within a fenced premise and leashed and muffled when taken out of the premises.
Note: You must clean up after your dogs.

So are dogs allowed? In public places (government land), yes. In malls, it depends – Malls are considered private properties, therefore, it is entirely up to the management to or not to allow dogs on their premises.

What about guide dogs? Until and unless Malaysia starts recognising the need for guide dogs and OKU rights, the law above still stands. So let’s fight.

Source: Tenor
Can a doctor really refuse PrEP? 

You know the world is weird when a religious police offers a guide on ‘how to doctor’. Long story short: don’t listen to them. 

Under the Hippocratic Oath (derived from the name, Hippocrates, a Greek philosopher), physicians are required to swear that they will act to uphold certain ethical standards. In 2017, the Declaration of Geneva was adopted at the World Medical Association General Assembly and is in the annexure of the Code of Professional Conduct 2019 by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). 

We spoke to Radzi Hamzah (Medical Doctor in Malaysia), who offered to shine some light on this matter. 

1. Is there a guideline by MMC stating that a medical professional could be legally liable should he/she deny a patient his treatment after learning about their sexual orientation?

The Malaysian Medical Council published a guideline in 2019 (Good Medical Practice Guideline) which covers Ten Golden Rules of Medical Practice that aim towards protecting patient’s right to healthcare and humane treatment amongst many others [1]. 

Under this guideline, all patients should have the right to access competent healthcare and treatment regardless of the background of the patient, including his/her age, sex, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, economic status, or social class. This would mean that there shall be no discrimination of any sort by any medical practitioner against any patient for any reason whatsoever [1].

Although legally, the protection under the Federal Constitution is ambiguous for these vulnerable population [2], all practicing doctors in Malaysia may face disciplinary action, which could lead to the termination of their medical license if the doctor is found guilty of discrimination toward the patient. 

[1] Good Medical Practice 2019 Guideline. 
[2] ARROW. Monitoring Report: LGBTIQ+ RIGHTS IN MALAYSIA. 2020. 

2. What can we do if a doctor refuses to provide treatment due to his/her prejudice?

*Any patient that faced discrimination due to the doctor’s prejudice can contact:
1. SISPA (Sistem Pengurusan Adnan Awam, KKM): this channel is open to all public facing any issue in government healthcare facilities. 

2. The Human Right Commission Malaysia (SUHAKAM): for any discrimination in the public or private healthcare system.
The bidding starts…

So we are all aware that some UMNO members were sacked and suspended this week. Since you smarty-pants subscribe to our newsletter, you also know that sacking a member does not invoke Anti-Hopping Law. 

The good news: the UMNO members who are current Members of Parliament were not sacked, but merely suspended.
The bad news: We’ve said this before and we will say this again – another Sheraton Move is always possible

Now that we’ve cleared that, what happens to the members that were sacked? They are more than free to join another party be it Perikatan Nasional, Democratic Alliance Party or JDT (eh?). 

Source: Tenor

If you think sacking a party member is odd, we’d also like to remind you that Tian Chua too was sacked last week for contesting in the General Election without the party’s consent. 

Source: Tenor
loods in Segamat

Poor vendors in a food court were left discouraged when the floods swept away the new D’Esah Foodcourt. This area is known to be at risk of flooding as it’s close to the Segamat River. So, what we’re hearing is, approval was given to build a food court in a flood-prone area without proper drainage. Can you sue?

Source: Tenor
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