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Issue 37 – Free shawarmas only if you’re pretty



Apa khabar? You, Part 1 of Season 4 is out – we humbly request that the whole season 4 of You is published instead of just Part 1. Are we back to cable TV or what? 

10% spoiler question: If you walked into an extremely messy house would you assume you were robbed or start cleaning because you probably made the mess?

Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea
Source: Giphy/GIF By Robert E Blackmon

Influencer under fire for using pretty privilege

A TikTok influencer, @erynamira, was recently caught ‘lying’ in her content. Turns out, it wasn’t her pretty privilege that got her the free shawarma, it was an advertisement. 

Source: Tenor/landoncube

Is it legal to lie for content?  Technically, there are no laws governing exactly what she did. However, influencers must be transparent in disclosing compensation/benefits from promotions. 
Izzah stepped down after reading our newsletter last week 

We explained the law in our previous newsletter and we’d like to think that Nurul Izzah read it. (Note: no PDPA infringement here).

Source: Tenor/HLZen
Slander, apologise, repeat 

A religious leader, Ustaz Wadi Annuar, recently apologised for a statement he made (‘sembah syaitan’ which directly translates to ‘worshipping the devil’) as he was calling out Muslim people who attended Thaipusam festivities. 

Source:Tenor / brendhacrizel 

Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act of 1988 makes it an offence to make offensive remarks online. Section 504 of the Penal Code on the other hand makes it an offence for someone to insult/provoke intending or knowing that it will cause a disruption in public peace. We’ve covered this in our article here

Now let’s talk precedent. An unidentified person was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for insulting religion on social media. Source: NST
Another person, Nor’muzil Razalli, was sentenced to 6 months in prison for insulting religion. Source: FMTA
A photographer was fined RM15,000 for insulting religion. Source: BH
These people were charged under Section 233. Since we have a precedent, safe to say that Ustaz Wadi Annuar will be charged and (possibly sentenced) under the same Act. Right…..?
Be very afraid, Tajuddin

MPs caught uttering racist or sexist remarks can be fined up to RM1,000 or more. Stay tuned for more updates on this. 

Source: The Vibes
No road tax, but at what cost?

Anthony Loke recently announced that private vehicles can opt not to display their road tax anymore. Owners can now download the MyJPJ app instead which has the road tax details.


Nevertheless, for users with limited phone storage space, you can print your road tax from the web interface and keep it in your glove compartment. Anthony Loke further clarified that it is not mandatory to download the app as the authorities can check the information on their gadgets. So iPhone users don’t have to worry about spending more on storage. (Note: Not a Samsung ad). 
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