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Subject: Dark days are ahead, Malaysians



Apa khabar? This week, we mourn the death of an iconic star, a cat lover, Kak Adibah Noor.
That said, heads up – we don’t have bright things to share this week as the founders are still mourning the new chicken ceiling price.
It’s a dark newsletter.
Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

Drake drinking tea
Source : Tenor

Cradle Fund CEO Murder Verdict

With the recent acquittal of the Cradle Fund CEO’s widow, many are wondering what’s next.

Image of robert pattinson saying now let me go
Source: Tenor

As covered in our first newsletter, in order to establish murder, the prosecution will have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused has committed an act to cause grievous bodily harm and had the intention to do so – (actus reus + mens rea).

More updates on this case are to follow.

If you have further questions or doubts about this case, do reach out to us.

The Syed Saddiq Trial

Syed Saddiq faces four charges of misappropriation of funds, criminal breach of trust, and money laundering.

Syed saddiq image showing peace sign
Source: The Star

The investigating officer, ASP Ahmad Marzuqi Ibrahim suspected that the Muar MP was involved in the act as only Syed Saddiq and two other individuals knew the safe combination.

According to Syed Saddiq however, the fund referred was his savings and his parents’ money.

The trial is set to continue on July 4.

We can still call people’s mothers green

Gamora: It's time we stand up for what is right
Source: Tenor

Here’s a piece of good news – the news stating ‘mak kau ****’ is banned is false. However, we still do not know what is accepted and dare not comment on this further for very obvious reasons.

In the meantime, speak the national language with caution.

Another SOP? Oh no stop, please.

Good news – no monkeypox infection in the country so far.

Bad news – the new Covid-19 wave is expected to occur earlier than expected. So, watch out for new SOP and guidelines.

Neutral news – We’d like to think that we are prepared for both.

Nothing surprises me anymore
Source: Tenor

Tengku Zafrul boasts of the largest ever subsidy

We are apparently blessed with a subsidy of RM77.3b.

Should we feel lucky? The world is expecting an inflation and the Malaysian government is providing social welfare assistance – Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM), as well as subsidising our petrol, electricity, and certain food items.

On top of this subsidy, the government has also made a decision to not float the chicken price but instead, introduce a new ceiling price – the current ceiling price for chicken is RM8.90 per kg.

don't touch my chicken
Source: memegenerator

Let us know your take on this.

Legal Lingo of the Week

Prima facie is a Latin term that means on the first appearance.

Prima Facie Case – “The case at first sight” has sufficient evidence and merit to continue with a trial.

Source: Facebook (legalmemesforjudicialteens)

Question of the Week

funeral dance
Source: Tenor

If two people died in the same incident (e.g. car crash), legally, who died first?

Stay tuned for the answer in our next newsletter.

Lady Justice holding the scales of justice, is a common symbol for legal government agencies in various countries. What do you think is the reason she is blindfolded?

Last Week’s Question:

Lady Justice holding the scales of justice, is a common symbol for legal government agencies in various countries. What do you think is the reason she is blindfolded?

Answer: Lady Justice is commonly shown blindfolded (some variations of her). This blindfold represents the justice system is impartial. Hence, treating all parties without bias and equally regardless of who they are.

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