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Subject: Catch sightings of politicians this Halloween




Apa khabar? What did we learn this week?
1. The conservatives won – Re: Rishi Sunak and Elon Musk
2. That we can go one week without sending a newsletter and nobody will miss us
It was an eventful Diwali for us, how was your holiday?
Niresh Kaur, Shambavi Shankar

What’s the tea in Malaysia?

sipping tea
Source: Tenor
Don’t be sad, Saddiq; berani kerana benar!
In a recent judgment, Syed Saddiq has been ordered to enter defence for all 4 criminal breach of trust (CBT) charges involving Bersatu’s funds. On October 28, the judicial commissioner (JC) stated that the prosecution has established a prima facie case. Syed Saddiq is now faced with three options, according to the JC:
  1. To give evidence under oath (which subjects him to cross-examination),
  2. To give an unsworn statement (no cross-examination)
  3. To remain silent (case ends early, we can all rest)
Following this, his lawyer, Gobind Singh Deo stated that the former MP will be giving evidence under oath – this will be fun to witness.
We’ve heard Syed Saddiq quote our favourite saying from school days – ‘berani kerana benar’. We’ll see now what’s the truth.

The trial dates are as follows:
  • Feb 22-24, 2023
  • Mar 13-14, 2023
  • Apr 10-14, 2023
The raid in REXKL – what do these fellas want? 
Let’s just start with – it is not illegal to have a different sexual preference in Malaysia. 

Is cross-dressing an offence then? Not really. Section 30 of the Syariah Law makes it an offence to cross-dress for an immoral purpose. It is safe to say that Halloween is not immoral, just spooky. (Note: Syariah Law does not apply to non-Muslims in Malaysia)

What was the basis of the raid? Some say it’s political, and some say it was merely a random drug raid. Who knows with these people? However, if you are questioned by the police, here’s what you should know. 
Source: Tenor
Q&A with Employment Lawyer, Kamini.
Layoffs are happening; almost everywhere and it’s not just the Twitter headquarters. 

Companies making these cutbacks may have various reasons but they should always adhere to the law. Some employees are terminated unfairly and have not received their VSS as per the contract.

Can corporations do this? What rights do we have? We reached out to lawyer Kamini from Messrs Kamini & Co to get important information about employment law in Malaysia. Read our Q&A here.
Source: Tenor
General Elections General Info
(GEGI with whatsrightMY)

Burberry, bribery, tomato, tomahtoe
Section 10 of the Election Act 1954 prohibits any form of bribery either directly or indirectly to induce any voter.

The Felcra folks will get their debts written off provided Ismail Sabri continues to govern. 

If the above is not considered an offence under Section 10, we would like to seek to have our PTPTN loans get written off too.
Source: Tenor

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